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Sensory Space for wellness


Amazing Sensory Designs provides Sensory space and wellness activities to employees. Employees will be able to regulate and participate in sensory tactile meditation exercises in a multi-sensory environment at the workplace, giving employees a place to reset themselves from the stressors at work that leads to burnout and improve their mental health status. Employees will be able to participate in sensory meditation and self-regulation activities in a sensory-friendly space leading to a healthier work environment.


Sensory Space for Wellness 

(Rental options)

Amazing Sensory Designs offers workplace Sensory space for wellness


ASD can set up a relaxing multi-sensory environmental experience at your work site with various wellness sensory activities related to sensory stimulation for your employees on a temporary (hourly wellness set up service) or permanent basis. Also, the space includes sensory stimulation meditate training in a complete multi-sensory space setup.  



includes the following:


Multi-sensory equipment set up 

  • 4FT Sensory bubble tube

  • Fiber optic lighting Strings

  • sensory image projector

  • Waterfall fountain

Hourly Sensory Space Wellness inquiry

We can provide Sensory Space Wellness services at your workplace on an affordable Hourly rate.  For more information please fill out the inquiry form below and someone will contact you immediately.

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