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About Us

Amazing Sensory Designs (ASD) is an organization that specializes in customized sensory products and unique sensory room designs.  Our sensory rooms designs include a variety of communication, fine motor, gross motor, auditory, and tactile educational activities.   ASD provides a variety of amazing sensory rooms, sensory boards, and adaptive Sensory products .  Also, we provide customized consultation, sensory design, and customized room and create your own space installation services to schools, homes, physician offices, dental offices, residential CILAs, and assisted living Centers for seniors. Our sensory products and designs are available to individuals of all ages.


ASD specializes in designing rooms for children with Autism, preschoolers, persons with developmental disabilities, individuals with sensory processing challenges, and seniors. 



Amazing Sensory Designs, ASD mission is to provide affordable customized sensory products and unique multisensory room designs that can improve sensory perception, motor skills, and educational development for everyone in need.

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