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Sensory Room Products

When it comes to sensory room products, we believe the sky is the limit. The products we carry and design are created to stimulate the senses, with a focus on the tactile and visual. Our sensory room products can be used in a variety of settings, from preschools and therapy clinics to hospitals and private care centers. They’re also versatile enough for people of all ages and abilities to use them.

Our mini sensory board is seven inches by seven inches and features a glow-in-the-dark design that is made specifically to enhance fine motor and visual sensory activities. Our customized adaptive sensory board is colorful, engaging, and made to improve communication and increase aptitude for focus. It is versatile enough to allow an individual to take part in therapeutic low-impact fine motor skill activities that are tactile, which has been shown to be important for people struggling with cognitive functioning.

Meanwhile, our sensory playhouses are havens for children with autism. There’s a crash pad for relaxing after a long day of stimulation, and the fiber-optic strings with exterior lighting showcase custom art. This is the perfect playhouse.

Finally, the vinyl record spinning board is an eccentric tactile sensory board perfect for engaging motor activities and responses. And if you’re looking for a sensory room product that offers the best of visual and tactile stimulation, our sensory gel spinning board will do just that. A multicolor LED corner light and sensory gel create a lava effect when the wheel rotates!

Here at Amazing Sensory Designs, we understand the importance of creating a sensory-rich environment that’s both therapeutic and fun. That's why we carry a variety of proven sensory room products. Everything is customizable to your needs, so you can create the perfect space you’ve envisioned. Contact us today to get started.

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