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"Amazing Sensory Designs interactive Sensory Rooms are totally amazing. Their Sensory Rooms provide so many benefits with helping our students reach their maximum level of cognitive functioning" 


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Sensory Rooms

A sensory room is a specially designed space that can be used to stimulate or calm the senses. Sensory rooms are often used for people with disabilities or special needs, as they can provide safe, welcoming environments where individuals can explore and play. Also, preschool students and seniors with dementia can benefit for the use of a sensory room. Sensory Rooms can help students regulate their behaviors in a calm environment, and are typically equipped with a variety of sensory-based activities and objects, such as soft cushions, colorful lights, and calming music.

The use of sensory rooms has been shown to provide numerous benefits for people with disabilities or special needs and preschool students including improved social interaction, increased motor development, decreased anxiety and stress levels, and enhanced communication skills. Additionally, sensory rooms can also be used as tools to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop coping and self-regulation skills.

If you’re interested in creating a customized sensory room in your home, school, or office, we can help. At Amazing Sensory Designs, we believe that everyone deserves to have a space that meets their sensory needs, and we know firsthand the difference this can make in cognitive functioning and overall wellness. We specialize in sensory rooms for adults, preschool students, and children with autism. We understand that each individual is unique and that sensory needs vary from person to person. That's why we offer custom design services in Chicago to specifically tailor sensory rooms to your needs, whether you’re a therapist, behavioral center director, or parent.

Our design services in Chicago and the Midwest include consultation, space evaluation, and sensory product installation and training. We're dedicated to providing you with the best possible sensory experience, and we'll work with you every step of the way to make sure you're happy with the result.

Be sure to also check out our customizable sensory products perfect for your sensory room. Contact us today to learn more about our sensory design services.

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