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Uniquely interactive tabletop sensory stimulator. So many things you can do with this little tube.


  • Perfect size to deliver visual, auditory, and tactile sensory stimulation.
  • Portable so you can take it with you or move from room to room.
  • Very little maintenance since the unit is not filled with water. *A favorite with Infection Control and Environmental Cleaning Departments*

Suggested Activities:

  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to spread a wee bit of aromatherapy into your space.
  • Place a tissue on the top and watch it fly away with the air current. 
  • Cover the grill at the top with your hands to affect the air flow or control the air flow.

Total Height - 27.5" x 4" dia.
Weight - 9 lb.

Desktop Hurricane Bubble Tube

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